Wednesday, 8 September 2010

We don't need no education

This design has been in the shop a little while now but thought you'd like to know the design process involved in this one....

Firstly I was bored in the garden messing around wth my new Lomo ap for my iphone and took the following picture:

I really liked the texture and grain, and kept coming back to the picture wondering how it may be able to be used.  And then one day heard Pink Floyd on the radio......"its just a brick in the wall" and played around with the lyrics to get something a little less obvious.

So in Photoshop I created a new layer and drew the text using a large diffused paint brush in a true cyan. I then messed around with the opacity and filter to produce the nice spraycan effect.

And here's the finished vest, as modelled by Jake and photographed by Jensen Chadwick. It's available on white or grey vest or t-shirt and is £15.


  1. do you digitally print the photos yourselves?

  2. yes, we use an A3 laser printer and transfer paper (it's kind of like that iron on stuff - but massively better quality)