Monday, 30 April 2012

Shop fit time (that means DIY)

The last few days have been spent trawling the internet for ideas for a new shop-fit. We decided recently it's about time we gave the shop a facelift, and as with all Me&Yu related things we will be doing it all ourselves.
When you start as a small brand with no financial backing, you have no choice but to do everything yourself, but we've had so much fun learning new skills and doing different things (even accounting!!) that it's the only way we want to work. We could just pay someone to come in and do all the work (make rails/paint walls etc) but where's the fun in that, it's so much more exciting to do everything yourself (unless there's any really tricky joinery work in which case we'll get Angies Dad to do it).
So we're currently making ideas boards and then we'll separate the possibles from the dreams and get to work!!. In the meantime here's some cool ideas we came across on the web.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Happy Birthday to us!!!!

This week we celebrated 6 years in shopkeeping. The Me&Yu shop in Afflecks, Manchester has changed so much over the years - we thought we'd show you some pictures. When we first opened our doors the shop was just an fraction of the size it now is. We changed a lot - going from vibrant neon love to a vintage inspired home from home.

Looking back at the pictures from all the years gone by it's great to see how we have grown and evolved over the years. But it made us realise the journey has only just begun. I think we're ready for another shop re-fit. We've got so many exciting new designs coming soon we need to fit in lots more rails so watch this space! This adventure in retail is never-ending - but it's not about where you're going it's having fun along the way that counts.......







Saturday, 28 April 2012

Chanel x Alice Delal (a quiet week for Me&Yu)

Because our blog generally consists of posts about what we're doing or news on new designs, if we have a quiet week (and I mean this in terms of nothing much new to report, rather than us not doing anything) the posts become a bit sporadic, as we actually have to think of original content. This week we've been mainly reprinting current designs, as the past few weeks have been very very busy, so there hasn't been opportunity to go - look this is what we're doing!!!.
I also don't like to do too much ...... I found this band/artist etc aren't they cool, as it feels a bit fake when I only found them on someone else's blog (who probably re-blogged it from someone else).
I have also refrained from cultural commentary, even though it's something I enjoy, as age/social rule dictates I must resort to moaning or taking the piss. However I've now decided I don't care - and you can take this with a pinch of salt, as I'm prone to exclamations of a 'new dawn' for this blog before doing one post and resorting to 'look we made a t-shirt' posts (which I hope you like). I actually started a seperate blog with the intent of it being the home for my cultural thoughts - but managed one post in mid january (funnily enough it was about the fact that I'd started the blog in mid January as a way of distancing myself from those early January - 'new start/new blog' people) (I overuse brackets).

So the Alice Delal Chanel 'Boy" bag adverts have been getting a large amount of praise for their groundbreakingness (I make up words but you'll always know what they mean). I'd not really taken much notice of anything surrounding this as it didn't seem that interesting/relevant to us. I saw the advert for the first time last Sunday whilst doing my usual Sunday activity of trying to read as many magazines as possible. And whilst within the context of a 'normal' fashion magazine (Vogue/Elle/Style etc) it does stand out as different, I can't get round the fact that there was probably a high level meeting to decide where exactly to place the rip on her tights - when that thought enters your head it kind of destroys any sense that this campaign is edgy or groundbreaking. The truth is, if you want edgy/groundreaking imagery you probably won't find it with large high fashion companies in popular fashion magazines - look harder.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Hundreds

Now I'm not a huge fan of The Hundreds in terms of their prints, I don't dislike them, they're just not the sort of thing I like to wear. I am however a regular reader of there blog, as it gives a great insight into the running of a large independent streetwear/t-shirt/fashion brand, and it's kind of funny (in a I'm in Manchester they're in LA kind of way). Anyway they went up in my estimations when I found out they run their own print shop, and now they've posted a short vid showing us round, here it is -

Monday, 23 April 2012

Boring News!!!!

I'm starting to think I've taken the Me&Yu 'do it yourself' ethic a bit far,  as I've spent the last few days developing a customisable sale and stock software package so we can be a bit more organised and hopefully have less 'office' work to do (once it's finished).
If your asking yourself why this is deemed worthy of a blog post - the truth is I just wanted something to post and as this has been my life for the past few days it's all I had!! Here's a screen grab - it's pretty boring!!!!!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Me&Yu Pop-Up Shop with a difference......Me&FYC

You may know that we have a store in Manchester but did you know we actually live in Blackpool. We're kind of crazy to commute every day but we love living by the seaside and can often be found walking along the sand on our rare days off.

Blackpool is a place which has been a bit neglected but the last few years have seen things moving in a positive direction with Art Galleries, Vintage Markets, Craft Fairs and lots more cropping up to provide an outlet for local creative types.

"That's all good", thought us at Me&Yu but "What about FASHION??"
Fashion is often a forgotten ART, not quite fitting in with art or craft and handmade products appeal to a different audience than a thrifty vintage shopper. So we thought it was about time that something was on offer for people that are mad about fashion.

One of the things that we at Me&Yu have managed to achieve after a scary 8 years in business is we actually make enough money to live on from our quirky little fashion label and when we chat to people they always seem to be filled with questions about how we actually make it work.

After chatting with FYCreatives about all things Blackpool we put our heads together and devised this great project which gives young designers the opportunity to make and sell their creations direct to the public. And what's more we get to pass on some our knowlege and expertise, sharing what we've learnt along the way about making, selling, retailling, promoting, photography, funding and administration and all the other areas that make up a successful small business.

So if you make CLOTHES, FASHION ACCESSORIES or any ART & DESIGN product that would happily sit in a little Pop-Up Shop, then this is a project that you can get involved it - at a level which suits you and your other commitments.

Make a little, make a lot but if you can make it ............We can Sell it!!!!

Email for an infomation pack

Stage 1 - Complete a Simple Application Form by 13th May

Stage 2 - Submit 1 product for review by 30th May

Stage 3 - Supply Finished products for sale by 22nd July

The Me&FYC Pop up will take place for 2 weeks from the end of July and could be showcasing your products, selling goods for profit and learning more about making, selling and business along the way!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I remember when this was all supermarkets

We're currently working on a non fashion related project entitled 'I remember when this was all supermarkets', it's a photo///graphic///text book/zine (depending on budget) set in the future. All the supermarkets have been wiped out through a mixture of their own greed and peoples determination to be self sufficient (or just shop at organic grocers), all thats left as a reminder of these once great institutions are fragments of carriers bags.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Gang Colours

Regular readers of this blog (if there is such a thing) have come to expect my sporadic posts about wanting to include more non Me&Yu content followed by a photo/video of something I've seen recently, so here's a video of Gang Colours - he's good!!!!!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Silver & Light

For all of you (me included) who wander around with a camera over their shoulder and think they are a photographer - watch this!!!!

Monday, 2 April 2012

A Mix

We just did a mix to celebrate the fact we've done some new designs!!!
Download it here 

Tropical Fabric

We're in the middle of handprinting some tropical print jersey fabric (ready to make t-shirts and dresses), it features Angies weird illustrations of a palm tree (think hand),  pineapple (with emphasis on the I, p-eye-napple, and a banana thats not weird at all just a banana.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Me & the cat did a mix this afternoon, will sort out for download tomorrow once I've checked there's no bad mistakes (by the cat)