Thursday, 28 April 2011

Manchester Events - Banana

Last month we mentioned Banana a monthly clubnight at Joshua Brooks - well would you believe it - a whole month has gone by and they're back again this Saturday 7th May - here's the info:

And if you want to know what goes on - have a look at a selection of pics from last few months!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Making shorts for the Apocalypse

When the apocalypse comes it's gonna get pretty hot!!!! so we're making some shorts especially for the occasion, the first stage is printing the fabric and here it is -


I'm surprised we don't post more pictures of our cats on here, as we have quite alot (cats and pictures!!!), anyway I was just getting some pics of my camera for the next blog post and I got this as well so decided to post it. Our cats are quite a big inspiration to us so I guess they deserve their moment of fame too!!!, this is Jilly (who has a wonky eye) checking to see if the chicken is ready.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Dip Dyeing

Today at the studio we've been dip dyeing some vests (basically rather than dyeing the whole of the vest you just dip it in the dye.) Once these are dry and wash fast we will print them with the Apoclaypse logo

Manchester Events - NQ Street Party, 29th April

So you might have heard us mention about The Northern Quarter Street Party. We're going to join in the fun and have a little stall in this great Manchester event happening Friday 29th April - the day of the Royal Wedding!

To tell you a bit more about it, Me&Yu girl about town Roxanne Nejad (who will be representing us on the day) interviewed Carole Keating, Creative director for The Northern Quarter Street Party (NQSP)

Carole Keating, a local arts and events manager came up with the idea of an alternative take on ‘the big day’ and tweeted: “Alright Manchester. A street party in the NQ. Who’d be up for this?”

We hear you have been thinking of doing a Street Party for a while. where did you get the idea from? 
I love the 1940s- the fashion, the music, the gung-ho, make-do-and-mend attitude and community spirit, and I think street parties sum the best of that era up - neighbours all knew each other and despite everything that was happening, they still got together and had a great big knees up.

Did you expect it to get so big?
From speaking to friends about it before I announced it I thought it would get a decent crowd of vintage fans and locals, but we've been amazed at how much support it's got, it's brilliant. So many people have come to us with great ideas for stuff to do- whether its holding a stall, making some bunting or hosting a treasure hunt. 

Is there is a strict NO MENTION OF THE WEDDING policy - What happens if Beatrice and Eugine try and get stuck in?
There's not a strict NO WEDDING policy as such- there may be the odd nod to it here and there but that's not the focus, it's about celebrating the Northern Quarter community.

What can people expect from the event?
They can expect a great atmosphere, music, food, swing dance lessons, a fashion show, craft workshops, vintage, gifts and arts stalls, a cake competition, tombola, treasure hunt, 'pimp my teatowel' stall and loads more!

We hear there will be ration books? Please explain.
There'll be ration books with info about the event and coupons for local businesses.

Is this a one off event? Plans for more street parties in the future?
Yes we'd like this to be just the start. We hope to make this an annual event and run it every year in the summer. Watch this space!

Roxanne Nejad

PS We can reveal that Me&Yu have created a LIMITED EDITION Royal Wedding Souvenier t-shirt which will be available on the day - we're printing them this week and will reveal our take on the special day soon x 

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Photoshoot with Chrissy Matthew Photography

It's a strange multi-media world these days - it's possible to strike up conversations in so many different places. A few weeks ago we struck up a conversation with Chrissy Matthew on Twitter and it didn't take us long to talk about a collaboration.

Chrissy's recently moved back to the North West and launched herself into business. Specialising in wedding, engagement and portrait photography, she offers a casual reportage style photography - but with the technical knowlegde of a professional.

Check out some of her work here...

This style of photography translates easily to fashion and yesterday we did a little photoshoot with Chrissy taking some fab pictures, Heather May Hughes and Jac Bevon modelling. The idea for the shoot was to show off some of our new designs on both boys and girls - illustrating that everything is unisex, it's just a matter of how you decide to wear it!

I went along and snapped a few shots - here's a taster from the shoot in progress...

I love this last shot - it really shows the strange positions you get yourself into to get the perfect shot. Can't wait to see the finished results!!

Summers Here!!!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Handmade T-Shirts

Here's a film of us making our handmade and handprinted organic t-shirts

Friday, 15 April 2011

National Record Store Day

Music T - £15

Tomorrow is a big day for music lovers - National Record Store Day. A day to celebrate and shop in your local independent record stores around the country.

We're very lucky in Manchester to have loads of record stores around Afflecks and the Northern Quarter streets - here's some of the best...

Piccadilly Records on Oldham Street - best for all the latest releases and rare limited edition releases.
Here's what they have planned for Record Store Day... with exclusive releases, signings, DJ's and much much more.

Vinyl Revival just around the corner on Church Street, is a classic vinyl store which deals in secondhand and exchanges - this is where you go to discover that classic album you always wanted to own on vinyl.

Beatin' Rhythm on Tib Street is more of a speciality store. If you are a collector of soul, rare groove, rock n' roll and rythym and blues, these guys know what they're talking about - they can find the hard to find - or suggest something you've never heard of before!

Vinyl Exchange is the place to find that special dancefloor classic. Specialising in rare and collectable vinyl and CD's they are the largest seller and buyer of secondhand CDs, Records and DVD's in the North of England. Find them on Oldham Street.

So get out and about and support your local record store, and if you're wandering through Afflecks there's a few stalls selling secondhand vinyl gems too!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Handmade Organic T-Shirt

We should have a video of the making of these t-shirts soon in the meantime buy them here!!!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Ai Weiwei

So I woke up early on Sunday morning (annoying cats) and was browsing around the internet and chanced upon this amazing documentary on the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. I had vague idea of who he was from the installation of porcelain seeds at the Tate turbine hall, and seem to remember reading something about him being under house arrest at some point. I spend time reading magazines and browsing stuff on the internet so you get this knowledge that covers a range of things but only in a very vague sense, a kind of surface knowledge - I know a little bit about alot of things. So it was very insightful to actually get beneath the surface and find out more about someone I had 'vaguely' heard of. Here's the film, watch it!!

Watch the full episode. See more FRONTLINE.

Friday, 8 April 2011

New Vest - Remember When We Were Free

We've got a new deign online!!!! It's called 'Remember When We Were Free' and is a full colour transfer printed montage design on a unisex vest. Click here to look//buy!!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Handmade Organic T-shirts Part2

So after printing the organic fabric with an allover repeat pattern we have know cut out the basic t-shirt shape and overlocked the pieces together. Will post tomorrow with (hopefully) the finished results

April's Facebook Competition

The Facebook competitions continue - you can now be in a chance of winning this great t-shirt designed by Gordon. The design uses Aleister Crowley's laws of Liber with an image of Homer Simpson. Liber AL vel Legis is the central sacred text of Thelema, written by Aleister Crowley in CairoEgypt in the year 1904. Its full title is Liber AL vel Legis, sub figura CCXX, as delivered by XCIII=418 to DCLXVI,[1] and it is commonly referred to as The Book of the Law.

If you want to enter this great competition.

1. Like our page on facebook - lovemeandyu
2. Go to the photograph in the "Tag to Win" folder - here   
3. Write a lovely comment on the picture (all the tags have now been taken)

It's not compulsory but feel free to share with all your friends too by posting to your profile!!!


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Handmade organic t-shirts

We've got some UK made organic jersey fabric that we have just all over printed with our 3 hares design, the next step will be to cut out and make up the t-shirts and then we will overprint a larger 3 hares design to the front of the t-shirt for a truly completely UK produced t-shirt.

Manchester Events - Perception / Deception Exhibition

Perception is the process the brain uses to interpret information. Deception is the practices of deliberately making somebody believe things that are not the whole truth.

No two of us perceive things exactly the same way, perception is the making sense of things which may or may not have anything to do with what is actually going on.

Perception/Deception at Blankspace
Dean Kelland | Andrew Nash | Ben Sephton-Smith | Rachel Tighe | Hilton Vasey | Katrina Vivian 
Public Preview: 7 April 2011 6pm-9pm
Exhibition Continues: 8 – 17 April 2011

Check In at LoveMe&Yu and get a FREE KEYRING!!

We're running a promotion to try and get more people signed up and liking our facebook fanpage.

If you have a smart phone with a facebook app please Check In to lovemeandyu and you can get a free keyring. You can only do this in store but if you're around and about in Manchester pop in, check in and get this amazing FREE KEYRING featuring our thunderheart logo. They usually retail at £2.50!!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New Design

We've just added a new design to the online store - 'Without music life is a mistake', I had this jotted down in my sketchbook and decided to use it for a new text print

Ceephax Acid Crew

Everybody should watch the documentary on VBS about Ceephax Acid Crew, it's not the sort of music we're listening to at the moment (although it would be amazing in a small dark crowded room!!) but I like the whole DIY ethic of what he does - it's not about producing perfection but about doing it yourself. This is our philosophy with Me&Yu, from the start it's always been about us doing it for ourselves, learning new stuff - when we wanted a website, we learnt how to make them and made one rather than getting someone else to do it. At the moment we're wanting to add more video content to our site so we're in the process of learning about editing etc, yeah we could have just got someone who knows what they are doing to do it but where's the fun in that. Anyway here's the vid

Monday, 4 April 2011

T-Shirt of the Week

FREE 'Bubble' Necklace with all Stillness of Foreverland T-Shirts (online only)

Friday, 1 April 2011

Manchester Events - Banana

It's always nice to chat to our regular customers and find out what they are up to & where they will be wearing our lovely clothes.

Well the other day I was chatting to the multi-talented Jack Needham. Jack puts on a great little night at Joshua Brooks called Banana. So if you're looking for somewhere to go this Saturday to shake your stuff how about this......

For just over a 18 months now, Banana has been proving itself as one of the most forward thinking club nights in the North. From throwing parties for Bacardi, Wax:on and Parklife, down to hosting sell out nights all across the north as Manchester’s only independent electro promoters, it has never been a better time for Banana. 

2011 sees the night go on their second Euopean tour, as well as the highly anticipated launch of Banana Records, featuring debut releases from Turn To Standy, Wonky Ninja (self styled by Kissy Sellout as one of the hottest DJ’s around) and Average White Guy.

No strangers to the scene, it’s safe to say Banana knows how to throw a party, with some of the hottest young artists around throwing down everything from bass heavy dancehall, to glitchy techno, to hard hitting electro.

Joshua Brooks, every first Saturday of the month. 10pm - 4am. Usually £3, £5 on the door unless stated otherwise.