Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Another one bites the dust

We're saying goodbye to our "I'm not an artist I'm a drawer' t-shirt, it will be available online until the 31st July and will then vanish forever!!!!!

There is also only 2 days left to get the 'All the Bands' t-shirt before that disappears too!!

Die Mortal Swap Shop at Glastonbury

Here's some pics of Me&Yu at the Die Mortal swap shop at this years Glastonbury.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

We dont only make clothes

We also make videos!!!!!

Festival Fun Competition

Well with Glastonbury now just a muddy memory, festival season is well and truly underway.

If you're out and about in fields this summer - make sure you represent Me&Yu. Send us your pictures to or *Like* our Facebook Page and tag Lovemeandyu. The best picture at the end of the summer will win a prize.

Feel free to enter other peeps spotted in Me&Yu - check out this great snap of Adio from Kid British wearing our "Fashion Will Eat Itself" t-shirt on stage!!!

Friday, 24 June 2011


If you want to be in with a chance of winning this great vest - get over to our FACEBOOK page, like it, share among your friends and comment on the picture of this vest.

Winner will be drawn completely at random at the end of June and will receive their chosen size in the post!

Here's some of our previous winners modelling their FREE t-shirts!!!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Die Mortal x Me&Yu x Glastonbury

Those of you lucky enough to be going to Glastonbury this weekend get to Shangri-la and checkout the Die Mortal pawn shop, which will have some of our wonderful t-shirts in it (its the only place you can get the F*** art t-shirt now).  This aint no regular shop (it is at Glastonbury), they don't accept cash just your items in exchange!!!!

Paper Bags!!!!!!

Our handprinted paper bags are now instore, we stopped doing these for a while as we got lazy but now they are back again - you get them when you buy stuff!!!!!!!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

No Layout

I was almost certain I'd already blogged about this website - but I couldn't find a post so I guess not. The website in question is No Layout, a digital library for independent publishers, focusing on art books and fashion magazines. It is designed as a support for printed publications, allowing users to flip through full content on any screen without downloads or apps (thats the blurb off the site). Basically you can look at really good/interesting zines and mags that you might not otherwise have access to.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pulling the Threads

The great thing about sharing studio space (we're based in an old mill with loads of artists/creative businesses) is that you get to see some great work by up and coming Manchester based artists.
One of the artists we share space with is Sarah Greaves who creates beautiful embroidered graffiti on objects - think doors/sinks - yeah its pretty amazing!!! I'm sure she even embroidered her foot once but I could have made that up.
Anyway Sarah is having her first solo show in a couple of weeks, so here's the info

Pulling the Threads - Embroidered Graffiti by Sarah Greaves
26 June - 3 September 2011
Central Art Gallery

In her debut solo show Sarah uses the traditional craft of embroidery to vandalise and graffiti everyday objects with emotive, political and thoughtful text. Fridges, doors, food and sinks become the canvases for hidden thoughts.

This unique exhibition pushes the tradition of embroidery and reframes the location and voice of the graffiti artist. The embroidered text is delicate, elegant and feminine while the process demands the use of masculine tools such as drills and clamps. Visceral, intangible thoughts become permanently graffitied onto these familiar domestic objects, suggesting a deeper relationship, touching on intimate and personal thoughts.

Monday, 13 June 2011

We Must Say Goodbye

Pa pA zine

Here at Me&Yu we love zines, way back when we first started we produced a fairly regular Me&Yu printed zine and its definately something we want to do again. We would also like to stock more zines in the shop (but we're sort of lazy at sorting things out like that, so if you have one you want to sell just let us know)
Anyway luckily the wonderful and talented Anna Donigan and Pearl Mitchell contacted us and asked if we would like an advert in their brand new zine in exchange for selling them in our shop. So we would like to introduce the first Pa pA zine, which is now available in our Afflecks store.

Created by the above mentioned second year illustration and animation students, it comes with a free DVD, the first edition is called Summer Camp (cos it's summer) and definately has a very summery look and feel to it, kind of gives me a Beach House sort of vibe

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Manchester Events - Northern Sky Graduate Exhibition

Last night we went to the private view of the Northern Sky Graduate Exhibition at The Cube Gallery, Manchester.

It's the end of year show for all the Blackpool Degree Graduate's where Gordon and myself both studied (many years ago). It's a little bit of a taster of work from students graduating in Fine Art (Painting),  Photography, Illustration and Graphics.

There was heaps of great work on show and it was too busy to take pictures of our favourites - but one to watch is Blackpool Artist Jeannine Holloway

This great video shows her at work:-

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Blackpool by Poloroid

Yesterday I was at home in Blackpool, it was a lovely sunny day so I decided to take a walk along the Golden Mile. Armed with the Poloroid Camera (well in reality it's a Fuji Instax) I took a few nice shots of the promenade in all its jaded splendour. Sometimes I like living in Blackpool.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Creative Destruction

I have a bit of a love of skating videos even though I dont skate, and now I've discovered I also have a love for surf videos even though I cant surf (or swim!!!). Anyway through the lovely people at VBS I discovered Creative Destruction,  basically a couple of Australians who travel the world surfing and making good videos, I like these films as they are not just full of great surfing shots (there are some) but just show a group of surfers travelling around having a laugh - watch some!!!!
On a slightly related subject I now feel like the VBS site is replacing the Guardian weekend magazine in introducing me to cool stuff that I feel like I should have discovered by myself - it makes me feel like a fraud!!!

Creative Destruction- Chapter 1: As the Crow Flies from CREATIVE DESTRUCTION on Vimeo.

Some images

£5 Sale

We're having a £5 sale on the website - I meant to post this yesterday but forgot so alot of it's gone now!!!! sorry, there's still abit left though