Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Printing Wrapping Paper

We've handprinted some Christmas wrapping paper today, look out for it if you order online or if you call into Afflecks we will happily gift wrap your purchases for you

Monday, 29 November 2010


Festive Nonsense..........

Well we've been planning our Christmas activities for six months but a poorly car, a never-ending illness and guess what, everything is coming together at the last minute again!!

We decided this year that instead of going to The Clothes Show Live in Birmingham we would concentrate our festive celebrations on the website and the shop in Manchester - for the whole of December!

We've got some great competitions and give-away's lined up so REMEMBER Me&Yu THIS CHRISTMAS!!!!

One of the things we planned to do is hand-print our own Christmas cards and wrapping paper. The first card design is on the website already and even though it's December on Wednesday we only drew some of the designs for the other cards and gift-wrap last night!

These will be transformed by magic* (Gordon) to lovely cards and wrapping paper, hopefully before the 1st!!!

Here's also a sneak peek at our LIMITED EDITION Christmas design:

This design will be printed in festive red on a white tee and the only way you can your hands on one of these beauties is to spend over £30 on the webite or instore this December.
Then you'll get it FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

If you make any purchase over £10 you'll also be entered into one of our PRIZE DRAW competitions.

Call into the store for your FREE Christmas Card Flyer, it has details of all the offers and includes a discount voucher for January, and if you want to spread the love - take a poster and put it up in your dorm / common room / staff room / office / canteen.

Me&Yu LOVES Christmas!!!!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Christmas Stuff

Well, soon it will be Christmas at Me&Yu!!!!!, we've just got all our posters and christmas cards!!!
We now have to fold about 5000 flyers in half!!!

A Few New Designs

We've been working on a few new designs over the past weeks, but car trouble and illness seem to be delaying us a little. However we've managed to get a couple of them printed and in Afflecks!!!. They also should be online sometime over the weekend (probably sunday)

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


We've just had some posters made of the photograph Jensen took as part of our Spring Summer photoshoot, we had lots of comments and people asking for a copy so we decided to make it into a poster in time for Christmas. They are available in the shop for £2.00.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Manchester's Northern Quarter is the best place to be!

When you think of a good neighborhood - you don't automatically think of a city centre location but Manchester's Northern Quarter had just won a nationwide best neighborhood award! And our lovely Afflecks get's a mention! Judges were impressed by the mix of apartments and shops and the way its has retained a unique character whilst undergoing a great period of change and regeneration.

The thing I love about the Northern Quarter is that everyone is so friendly - as a shopkeeper in the NQ we all know each other and if we can't help out a customer we're happy to send them along to our friends down the street. I'll happily reccommend a variety of different stores, cafes and restaurants in the local area. A visitor to the Northern Quarter feels welcomed and looked after. I remember a stray Londoner amazed that I would take the time to give him detailled diections - I even drew a map!

When you're used to shopping 'on the high street' somewhere like the Northern Quarter with its independent stores and quirky shops is a real revelation - try it you might like it!

see the article larger on the Manchester Evening News Website...

Monday, 22 November 2010

Winter Wool Scarves

We've just finished printing and making some lovely wool scarves and they are now in our Afflecks store. Handprinted on beautiful vintage English made wool, we've got a few colours - black, grey, green or brown and a  mix of our feather and swallow prints.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A New Face at Me&Yu

It's always great when people appreciate what we do - it's even nicer when people offer their time to help us along the way. In the never-ending battle to grow our little label, finding time for promoting our brand is always tricky so when one of our lovely customers, Roxanne Nejad offered her time and expertise we just couldn't say no! Hallo Roxanne and welcome to the wonderful world of Me&Yu!

"Hi, I'm Roxanne, I'm working with Me&Yu for a while, making sure everyone knows about the great new styles, ideas and tips Angie and Gordon have created. I have a penchant for colour, aphorisms, contradictions and Rowntrees Fruit Gums. If you pop into the shop, post online any of the above you will make me a very happy dudette. You'll be hearing more from me soon!"

Keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and spread the Me&Yu love to all your friends - we love you all x 

Friday, 12 November 2010

Handrawn Text

We're just putting together our Christmas advertisements etc (we've got some amazing things happening!!!!) and rather than just use computer generated fonts we're using mostly handrawn text. It's quite a time consuming way to do things (it's just taken me a couple of seconds to type that - if I had to draw it it would take about 20 mins with scanning etc). It's definately worth it though, as the final output has a more interesting look - it's also more in keeping with what we are about. I would definately recommend drawing your own text - it makes you think more about what you are doing and the overall look of the piece (Checkout Mike Perrys handrawn text book - Hand Job - I think they sell it at Urban Outfitters)

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Black Lace and Sultriness

This a photograph from the shoot I did with Danielle and Heather. I got a bit experimental and shot it through a black lace headscarf. I love the soft dappled effect - especially when taken into black and white. I think I definitely need to experiment with this more - I might need to make a frame to shoot through though - it was quite hard supporting the camera and flash in one hand while the black lace wafting around in the other!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Me&Yu dresses German Popstars!

It's always nice to be sent photographs of people wearing our clothes - its good to see our clothes out there enjoying themselves with their new owners. But it's even better to discover that our loyal customers are famous popstars! Here's some pictures sent by Mieze Katz from German band MIA - Yay!

If you've got some great pics of yourself wearing Me&Yu and would like to share them, please email to angie@meandyu.com - or simply tag yourself on Facebook -  we love your style!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Photoshoot with Hannah, Beth and Sasha

It's all about photoshoots at the moment! This is a selection of shots from a small shoot that Hannah, Beth and Sasha did around Manchester in half term week. Unfortunately it was a pretty miserable day, but I've managed to work some photoshop magic on the shots - I'm particularly proud of the layered umbrella shots - I think they really capture the mood of Manchester at this time of year!

All the new skirts and tees are either online now or coming soon!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

We wanted to change the world.

We've done a lot of photo-art and text designs recently and I've really enjoyed getting back into photography. I had some great pictures that hadn't been used before so I decided to create a little art book as inspiration - perhaps some of these will make it into t-shirt designs or perhaps a range of cards....

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Bye Bye Scaffolding

You can't have missed the fact that our lovely Afflecks building has been shrouded in scaffolding and polythene for most of the summer. It's all part of a regeneration project for the building that will see Afflecks slowly restored to its former glory. Here's a sneak peek of the first layer of scaffolding being removed.

As you can see the refurbishment has worked wonders - we look loved once more! The building has had old wiring removed externally and internally, the outside of the building had been cleaned and restored. The next step is the removal of the rest of the scaffolding and the addition of temporary signage. Some permanent artworks have been commission to reflect Afflecks' unique heritage and these will be added next year. More internal improvements are scheduled next year - but don't worry we're not going to become another bland shopping centre - all the works are designed to add to Afflecks quirky character and charm.

Photoshoot with Danielle and Heather, photographed by Angie