Tuesday, 14 September 2010


                      freehand pencil drawing on paper

    freehand black fineline on paper

    freehand watercolour ink on paper

The past few days I've been drawing feathers. We seem to be designing lots to do with birds this season - and with the swallows being one of our best selling designs we thought we'd come up with a fabric print of hand-drawn feathers to add to the range.

Its funny how picking one subject can set off a chain of thought, whilst drawing a peacock feather, I remembered one of the old Greek myths about how a peacock got its many eyes. In the spirit of "Tales of the Unexpected" here's a shortened version......

Hera and the Peacock

Hera, Queen of all gods suspected her husband Zeus of having an affair with the beautiful Io and came down from Mount Olympus to try and catch them together. With moments to spare before getting caught, Zeus transformed his lover into a pretty white cow. 

Suspicious of the mystery animal, Hera requested her husband make the cow a gift to her and sent it away, guarded by her faithful servant Argus. 

Since Argus had 100 eyes and could have some eyes sleep when others were awake, he made a very fine watchman. But Zeus, desperate to be re-united with Io, employed the services of Hermes, his son, and a most gifted musician and storyteller. Hermes gained the confidence of Argus, lured him to sleep and slaughtered Argus. 

Distraught be the loss of her best warrior, Hera took his many eyes and set them into the tail feathers of her favourite bird, the peacock. Thereafter she was known to travel through the heavens on a chariot drawn by peacocks, ever watchful. 

The peacock has become a symbol across the world for protection, kindness, patience and good fortune.

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