Wednesday, 15 September 2010

See you in Paris............

Paris is one of the new transfer designs available. It started from a photograph I took when I visited Paris in 1996 (I went to Paris Fashion Week with other Kingston University fashion students as part of the course). The photograph is taken using my old Practica 35mm SLR, using Ilford XP2 black and white film, developed through a colour process to get a sepia effect.

I love the sepia effect but it's difficult to get an accurate colour representation in a CMYK transfer print, so my next stage was to change it to black and white and add a filter to retain the 'old photograph' feel.

After that I added the text, in French, of course. Now my GCSE French is a bit poor so I had to use babelfish but I believe it says "See you in Paris" - I kind of partly chose the phrase as it looked quite nice so in a way it doesn't really matter what it says....

This is the final garment.

And here it is modelled by the lovely Sasha!

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