Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Sometimes Its Nice To Be Lost

The latest range of transfer designs often start with a great photograph. Just simply carrying a camera around and getting off the beaten track snapping what surrounds you can be inspirational. I took this photograph one Sunday in Fleetwood - we'd been to an early car boot sale and decided to go for a walk on the beach and get some fresh air. I liked the composition of the photograph and the curisosity of where the stairs lead - what lies beyond?

A play around in photoshop and a brighter and more diffused image is created - much better for a transfer print as texture and grain prints more successfully.

Well no-one really wonders where the disabled toilets of life are so I altered the text on the signpost by cloning out the original text, creating a new layer in photoshop with my new text and altering the filter to create a realistic effect.

Using Illustrator, I placed the image and played around with different varieties of text till I got something I was quite happy with. Then I sent Gordon my final design, he hand-drew the text, scanned and reversed it to give more definition. This is how the finished vest looks:

Hope this shows that even a 'simple' transfer vest goes through many design processes to get a result we're happy with! This is the first of our creative process posts - more to follow!

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