Sunday, 5 September 2010

On designing....

One of the funniest questions we often gets asked is where we get our ideas from. We can get inspiration from everything, completely anything that surrounds us will set off an idea or chain of thought - that's the beauty and also the curse of a creative mind.... We've often chosen themes for our collections but one of the drawbacks of this is that some of the other great ideas we have get pushed to one side as they don't fit into the brief.

The latest collection is called "Tales of The Unexpected" and the loose brief gives us the opportunity to create things which we just want to make,  to get back to the orginal concept for Me&Yu - to create things we want to wear which are a little more considered than any other obvious tees you can buy on the high street. So its time for us to be a little but more artistic, a tad more subversive and hopefully a bit more inspirational.

We started the collection with the now infamous "F*uck Art Lets Make Money" (see previous blog posts) and have now added the "Art Theft" which features a quote from Jim Jarmusch - both hand screen-printed designs.

We've also been going back to our photographic roots and expanded the range of photo-art and text designs. Starting with the "Moments of Time" we also have the "Castles", "Jesus Road" and "Sometimes Its Nice To Be Lost" designs in the range - all full-colour transfers. We plan to bring out new designs every week using photographs we've taken ourselves, digitally enhanced and overdrawn. 


And of course we're not forgetting our unique hand drawn designs - the swallows have been a great start to the range - (maybe birds are symbolic of the freedom). Other new hand-drawn designs are "The Future is Stupid and "Giant Swan Versus Mandeer" - just to make sure you remember that here at Me&Yu we're a little crazy - expect the unexpected!

We're releasing the collection slowly this season and will be posting a little about each new design as it is available, trying to explain what goes into each creation.

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