Thursday, 28 July 2011

New Things Instore!!!!

We've got some new handmade & handprinted jersey dresses instore as well as some feather print slouch tops, they are in Afflecks now and will be online later this week (sat/sun)

Summer Photographs

Monday, 25 July 2011

Robots in Disguise

Don't forget the amazing Robots in Disguise are playing tonight at Sound Control, Manchester. They just popped in the shop to say hello and pick up some new Me&Yu stuff

New Photos

A big thank you to Camilla who shot some amazing photos for us, I'm just going to post random ones of the next few days

Future Artists

In a few weeks we're hopefully going to be doing a collaboration with Future Artists a Salford based independent media and film production company, in the meantime why not checkout the film they are working on here

Thursday, 21 July 2011

New Tops/Dresses

We're in the middle of making some brand new handmade/hand dyed/handprinted oversize t-shirt dresses/tops. First we had to cut them all out, then tie dyed the fabric before printing our 2 colour Opposites Attract design, they just need sewing together now so should be in the shop and online by Saturday, here's a few pics

Monday, 18 July 2011

Das Super Paper

Here at Me&Yu we love all things Australian (apart from that film that was on last night & vegemite!!) so it was good the other day to stumble upon Das Super Paper, a free paper/magazine featuring contemporary (australian) art and art based articles. One thing we loved about our time spent in Australia (where Me&Yu first began) was the prevalence of good free magazines and this continues that tradition. You're probably not in Australia so read it online instead!!!!!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Handmade Shorts

Summer has made it’s usual stuttering start, a smattering of warm days in April and May got us all thinking we were in for a great summer, this was then followed by the usual rainy days and summer was on hold. However it seems as though it’s here now, the percentage of sunny to rainy days seems to have tipped in favour of summer, which leads me to the subject of mens summer fashion and most notably shorts.

I must have missed the meeting, but it seems that when it comes to mens shorts the baggier, brighter and more patterned the better. A typical mans wardrobe could be viewed as such (starting with long pants then shorts) – black, black, navy, black, dark brown, brown, light brown,  light brown, grey, grey, grey, YELLOW, FLOWERS, RED WITH SPOTS, CAMOUFLAGE, LOUD CHECKS, WHITE – can you guess where the shorts started!!.

Now I’m not one to discourage people from wearing bright or patterned clothing but it would seem sensible that if you wear dark tailored plain trousers to choose a corresponding short in the summer, if you want to wear bright, loud shorts then at least have the decency to wear the same style of long trousers once the sun has dissappeared. I think a sensible way to buy shorts is to imagine them as long trousers and ask yourself would you still wear them – if the answers no – put them back on the rail.

Anyway, we've just added some mens slouch shorts to our online store, these shorts were handmade in Manchester using a selection of vintage suiting fabrics and are currently limited to 1 pair of small in each different fabric (if you are interested in other size contact us). Click to view shorts

Handmade Shorts

We've got some new handmade shorts in store now, these slouch style shorts are handmade from some wonderful vintage suit fabrics. We will be adding them to the online shop later today and will also do a blog post abpout making them.

Monday, 11 July 2011

We Got New Stuff

We've added some new designs to our online store - look here

New design instore

Here's the first of our new designs, it's called Opposites Attract and was painstakingly hand-drawn by Angie, then printed in 2 colours on some tie-dyed vests and slouch tops. They are in our Afflecks store now and should be online very soon.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Fashion Writing????

Over the weekend as I was busy trying to make lots of mens shorts (which I have yet to finish) my mind wandered to thoughts of what effect fashion writing has on the fashion consumer. At Me&Yu we operate on a very visual level and have always worked on the basic assumption that great photographs sell fashion, but can interesting and creative writing be a major part of the appeal of a brand/garment. Whenever we add a new item to our online shop we spend a far greater amount of time getting the photograph right than the description (this is quite noticeable from alot of our descriptions).
Great fashion photographs work because they make the viewer/consumer imagine themselves wearing the garment and looking like the model - can words duplicate this sensation?, can a great description sell fashion?
Thats as far as my thoughts got!, but it has inspired me to try and improve our descriptions and also start to include more thoughtful/creative/interesting text in my blog posts, rather than - we've done this/buy this.
I'm currently writing a small piece on mens shorts, which should hopefully be ready at the same time I finish making the shorts - will it make people buy them - probably not.