Friday, 3 September 2010

Peach Floral

It's been our favourite fabric for so long. But like all good things they can't last forever.

We had a massive roll of peach floral fabric as Hannah T ordered the wrong size roll by mistake (ooops!) - it seemed like it was gonna last forever and then suddenly we've no more left!

We've still got a few things in stock but have limited sizes available and some items are reduced as follows:

butterfly dress       was £30 now £20          
1 x M  1 x L

long leg jumpsuit     was £35 now £25          
1 x M  1 x L

short playsuit         was £30 now £20          
1 x S   1 x M   1 x L

gathered skirt         was £25 now £15          
1 x S   1 x M

lace panel dress      £25                                
1 x S   1 x M   1 x L

shorts                     £25                                
1 x S   1 x M

Buy now or regret later.


  1. Definite ooops by me! It's lovely though and everyone is now walking the streets in the Me&Yu iconic peach floral!