Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Profile on...The Pern

You may remember this image from our latest collection - photographed by Gary Brown. We used it a lot in our We Are Five promotion and around the Northern Quarter for the NQ Street Party.

The wall in question is just one of the amazing artworks commissioned for Common Bar. If you've not been to Common - its well worth a visit. Nestled in Edge Street just around the corner from our shop it is a cosy and comfy bar that does great food (yum houmous and olive toastie) and drink (mmmm Sailor Jerrys & coke) all housed in a vibrant artistic space. The artworks change seasonally and are created by
artists from all over the world.

Well the background to our lovely clothes is just a section of a fab piece of work (see complete above) called "Over Them Hills" by Manchester artist The Pern'The Pern' has been creative for the whole of her mini existence and is a full time designer, illustrator and thingy-ma-bob maker! She loves getting her hands dirty in printing, sewing, painting canvases and live in front of an audience, designing anything and everything that needs designing. Fuelled by coffee and green tea with a strong belief in 'Workaholicism' - she believes it is the way to get the job done.

Now if you love The Pern but don't have a wall you'll like to commision her to paint - why not invest in a bit of art for your walls - my favourite in the online shop is Giant Floating Fouf - £250 - not bad for an original canvas from a talented up and coming artist!

If your budget doesn't stretch that far - then check out the Hairy Beasts at £6 - cute as!

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