Monday, 23 May 2011

All watched over by machines of loving grace

Continuing on a creative/interesting film tip, I would recommend everybody to watch the new Adam Curtis, series that starts tonight on BBC2 at 9pm.
Now I cant say that this type of documentary will be to everybodies taste, Adam Curtis basically uses a  cut-up technique, splicing together archive footage to create the narrative - in this case an analysis of the fallout of technoculture, it's not your usual repeat the argument till everybody looses interest in what you were saying in the first place style tv journalism, and I'm guessing there will be no 'exciting cliff hanger' at the end of each episode.  But you should really watch it, I'm going to try and review the first episode, but am not promising anything as I might not understand it all!!!
Oh he also did a few short films for Charlie Brookers newswipe - watch them here
Apologies to blog readers used to our normal posts we got a bit 'high brow' there!!

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