Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Blackpool Sand, Sea & Spray

Saturday saw 40 International Urban Artists hit Blackpool with Spray Cans - for the Sand, Sea & Spray Event. Unfortunately as we were busy in Manchester in the shop we didn't get chance to see these wonderful artworks being created. Instead I gatecrashed the afterparty to meet some of the artists, promoters, dj's and hard-working volunteers that pulled together to make this great event happen.
It was a pleasure to meet you all!

I went to see some of the artworks on Monday - it's so impressive that these fabulous artworks are all in walking distance from our house!!

Unfortunately, the wind was so bad yesterday that one of the locations was inaccessable as it was on the end of North Pier - so I took some pictures of the waves instead! 

It's nice to have some great stuff in Blackpool! All these artworks, and the North Pier Gallery are on show until 4th June (in some cases longer). I'm going to see the rest of the Artworks at the weekend - I'll post up more pics them - but in the meantine if you want to see more or know about the artists involved - get more details on the facebook page or website


  1. you need to go and see the stuff at Sanuk, it's amazing!

  2. Yeah I know Dave's doing some more work there so gonna wait till he's finished and do a full profile on him!