Monday, 30 April 2012

Shop fit time (that means DIY)

The last few days have been spent trawling the internet for ideas for a new shop-fit. We decided recently it's about time we gave the shop a facelift, and as with all Me&Yu related things we will be doing it all ourselves.
When you start as a small brand with no financial backing, you have no choice but to do everything yourself, but we've had so much fun learning new skills and doing different things (even accounting!!) that it's the only way we want to work. We could just pay someone to come in and do all the work (make rails/paint walls etc) but where's the fun in that, it's so much more exciting to do everything yourself (unless there's any really tricky joinery work in which case we'll get Angies Dad to do it).
So we're currently making ideas boards and then we'll separate the possibles from the dreams and get to work!!. In the meantime here's some cool ideas we came across on the web.

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