Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Me&Yu Pop-Up Shop with a difference......Me&FYC

You may know that we have a store in Manchester but did you know we actually live in Blackpool. We're kind of crazy to commute every day but we love living by the seaside and can often be found walking along the sand on our rare days off.

Blackpool is a place which has been a bit neglected but the last few years have seen things moving in a positive direction with Art Galleries, Vintage Markets, Craft Fairs and lots more cropping up to provide an outlet for local creative types.

"That's all good", thought us at Me&Yu but "What about FASHION??"
Fashion is often a forgotten ART, not quite fitting in with art or craft and handmade products appeal to a different audience than a thrifty vintage shopper. So we thought it was about time that something was on offer for people that are mad about fashion.

One of the things that we at Me&Yu have managed to achieve after a scary 8 years in business is we actually make enough money to live on from our quirky little fashion label and when we chat to people they always seem to be filled with questions about how we actually make it work.

After chatting with FYCreatives about all things Blackpool we put our heads together and devised this great project which gives young designers the opportunity to make and sell their creations direct to the public. And what's more we get to pass on some our knowlege and expertise, sharing what we've learnt along the way about making, selling, retailling, promoting, photography, funding and administration and all the other areas that make up a successful small business.

So if you make CLOTHES, FASHION ACCESSORIES or any ART & DESIGN product that would happily sit in a little Pop-Up Shop, then this is a project that you can get involved it - at a level which suits you and your other commitments.

Make a little, make a lot but if you can make it ............We can Sell it!!!!

Email for an infomation pack

Stage 1 - Complete a Simple Application Form by 13th May

Stage 2 - Submit 1 product for review by 30th May

Stage 3 - Supply Finished products for sale by 22nd July

The Me&FYC Pop up will take place for 2 weeks from the end of July and could be showcasing your products, selling goods for profit and learning more about making, selling and business along the way!

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