Saturday, 28 April 2012

Chanel x Alice Delal (a quiet week for Me&Yu)

Because our blog generally consists of posts about what we're doing or news on new designs, if we have a quiet week (and I mean this in terms of nothing much new to report, rather than us not doing anything) the posts become a bit sporadic, as we actually have to think of original content. This week we've been mainly reprinting current designs, as the past few weeks have been very very busy, so there hasn't been opportunity to go - look this is what we're doing!!!.
I also don't like to do too much ...... I found this band/artist etc aren't they cool, as it feels a bit fake when I only found them on someone else's blog (who probably re-blogged it from someone else).
I have also refrained from cultural commentary, even though it's something I enjoy, as age/social rule dictates I must resort to moaning or taking the piss. However I've now decided I don't care - and you can take this with a pinch of salt, as I'm prone to exclamations of a 'new dawn' for this blog before doing one post and resorting to 'look we made a t-shirt' posts (which I hope you like). I actually started a seperate blog with the intent of it being the home for my cultural thoughts - but managed one post in mid january (funnily enough it was about the fact that I'd started the blog in mid January as a way of distancing myself from those early January - 'new start/new blog' people) (I overuse brackets).

So the Alice Delal Chanel 'Boy" bag adverts have been getting a large amount of praise for their groundbreakingness (I make up words but you'll always know what they mean). I'd not really taken much notice of anything surrounding this as it didn't seem that interesting/relevant to us. I saw the advert for the first time last Sunday whilst doing my usual Sunday activity of trying to read as many magazines as possible. And whilst within the context of a 'normal' fashion magazine (Vogue/Elle/Style etc) it does stand out as different, I can't get round the fact that there was probably a high level meeting to decide where exactly to place the rip on her tights - when that thought enters your head it kind of destroys any sense that this campaign is edgy or groundbreaking. The truth is, if you want edgy/groundreaking imagery you probably won't find it with large high fashion companies in popular fashion magazines - look harder.

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