Sunday, 29 April 2012

Happy Birthday to us!!!!

This week we celebrated 6 years in shopkeeping. The Me&Yu shop in Afflecks, Manchester has changed so much over the years - we thought we'd show you some pictures. When we first opened our doors the shop was just an fraction of the size it now is. We changed a lot - going from vibrant neon love to a vintage inspired home from home.

Looking back at the pictures from all the years gone by it's great to see how we have grown and evolved over the years. But it made us realise the journey has only just begun. I think we're ready for another shop re-fit. We've got so many exciting new designs coming soon we need to fit in lots more rails so watch this space! This adventure in retail is never-ending - but it's not about where you're going it's having fun along the way that counts.......







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