Wednesday, 16 March 2011

We're Sending Love to Japan

If you like us, you have been traumatised by the dramatic events in Japan then spare some pennies and donate your loose change (or more) next time you're in Afflecks.

Carly at Carousel (previously Sausage Dog in Japan) has taken it upon herself to be the main collection point in Afflecks for this worthy cause. All monies donated will be passed on to the North West Japanese Society who have created a Disaster Relief Fund.

The first shop Carly opened in Afflecks was called I Love Kokeshi and although she's moved around the building a few times and had a few different names, Japanese Kokeshi Dolls are still one of the main products she sells at her now expanded and renovated shop on the second floor (Oldham Street side).

These beautiful hand-crafted dolls are a tradition stretching back many centuries. Made from Japanese Maple, the wood is matured for up to 5 years before it is carved and painted by hand. Whether creative (like the doll on the left) or traditional (like the dolls on the right) they are a truly beautiful product which is representative of Japan's rich artistic and cultural heritage.

If you want to know more about these dolls or have some pennies to spare for a worthy cause  - come and see Carly - she's a mind of information about all things Japanese - Carousel, Second Floor Afflecks.

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