Tuesday, 8 March 2011

some new photo artwork

So half term week we did a little mini-photoshoot of some of the new designs with our lovely model Phillipa. We concentrated on just some basic shots for the website - so you can see what our clothes look like on an actual person. I (Angie) did quite a lot of these basic shots but Jensen Chadwick, took hold of the camera for some artistic snaps. Above is one that I worked a little photo-magic on. Below is a mixture of the best shots from both of us - don't you love a bit of teamwork!!!

Oversize Butterfly T-Shirt - £22

Oversize Swallow T-Shirt - £22

Hare T-Shirt - £15

Papercut T-Shirt - £15

Handmade Floral Skirt - £18

Foreverland T-Shirt - £15

3 Hares T-Shirt - £15

Black Velvet Dress - £18

Foreverland T-Shirt - £15

1 comment:

  1. Nice work. I will have to get down (well, up) to your shop soon.