Monday, 21 March 2011

Crystal Fighters gig at Ruby Lounge Friday 18th March

I haven't been to Ruby Lounge since it has been renovated and have to say I was very impressed. The layout proved great surroundings to watch Crystal Fighters whilst suffering mild cuts and bruises from the moshpit that ensued. Crystal Fighters, are a band of east london scenesters suffering from a mild pseudo-spanish identity crisis. The music is a curious mix of catchy mid-90s trance music keys and heavy nu-metal guitars - on this note, the said guitarist was indeed bare-chested (new age type). With a great stage presence their vocalist Sebastian Pringle transformed a stylized hip crowd from lounging muses in their headscarves and checked shirts, to moshing and screaming along to the lyrics within the first 5 minutes of their set. 
Self-styling themselves as 'emotronic', I can't imagine them in the top 40 (but who cares about that anymore anyway?) I'll be keeping a keen eye out for these guys on the festival circuit this summer... and I'll be ready with elastoplasts.

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