Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Profile on..... Gary Brown, Photographer

You may have seen some rather fabulous photographs on our website / facebook / twitter and of course the blog. Well they are the work of the rather talented Gary Brown.

Gary Brown, in a backwards move, didn't pick up a camera until he graduated from university, then decided thats what he wanted to do. In a few years he has progressed to being one of the Norths premier music and nightlife photographers- covering events such as the Warehouse Project and Parklife Festival, gaining publications in Mixmag and DJ Mag, and reaching the final shortlist in The Guardian's 'Britain Is...' photography competition last year. However, when he can fit it in he likes to step into a studio.

"I love studio and fashion photography as its such a contrast to what I normally do. Music events are all about capturing the spontanaeity and energy of the event, and adapting to whatever light/space conditions are thrown at you. Fashion photography is about letting your mind run away with ideas- you can come up with nearly any concept imaginable and then, through careful control of lights, props and models, turn it into an image."

"When I was planning the Me & Yu shoot, as well as the 'regular' shots you would see on most clothing websites, I wanted to do something different, something which reflected the artistry and consideration that goes into everything Me & Yu create. I came up with a short storyboard of a boy and a girl, creating the world around them by simply drawing it out of nothingness- I wanted them to create themselves, construct a man made scene, become tired and bored of this and start again, creating a green and flowering utopia. From the final story, its possible to draw all kinds of connotations- from a biblical 'genesis' story, to one reflecting societies move towards a greener and more harmonious relationship with our planet- but in reality I just thought it would look really cool, and be fun to edit the final images."

We love the boldness and clarity in Gary's straight fashion photographs above. Having taken lots of photographs ourselves over the years, we can really appreciate the skill needed to retain the light tones and detail when editing and still ending up with a bright and bold image that represents our work so well.

The selection of images below are the ones created from Gary's original storyboard idea. They sum up 
the fact that everything we do at Me&Yu is hand-drawn, hand-made and hand-printed. And we're looking forward to using them in lookbooks and promotional material - every picture does tell a story!

Me & Yu Spring 2011 photoshoot 

Model - Emma Dixon and Andrew Nejad
Photographer - Gary Brown

Makeup - Bev Crawford