Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A New Face at Me&Yu

It's always great when people appreciate what we do - it's even nicer when people offer their time to help us along the way. In the never-ending battle to grow our little label, finding time for promoting our brand is always tricky so when one of our lovely customers, Roxanne Nejad offered her time and expertise we just couldn't say no! Hallo Roxanne and welcome to the wonderful world of Me&Yu!

"Hi, I'm Roxanne, I'm working with Me&Yu for a while, making sure everyone knows about the great new styles, ideas and tips Angie and Gordon have created. I have a penchant for colour, aphorisms, contradictions and Rowntrees Fruit Gums. If you pop into the shop, post online any of the above you will make me a very happy dudette. You'll be hearing more from me soon!"

Keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and spread the Me&Yu love to all your friends - we love you all x 


  1. Loving this picture of her, and how sweet is she to help. I hope you lot do well, plus twitter is where it's at, at the moment x

  2. I hope having someone else on board can really help head get our heads round getting the most out of twitter. It still baffles me!