Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Manchester's Northern Quarter is the best place to be!

When you think of a good neighborhood - you don't automatically think of a city centre location but Manchester's Northern Quarter had just won a nationwide best neighborhood award! And our lovely Afflecks get's a mention! Judges were impressed by the mix of apartments and shops and the way its has retained a unique character whilst undergoing a great period of change and regeneration.

The thing I love about the Northern Quarter is that everyone is so friendly - as a shopkeeper in the NQ we all know each other and if we can't help out a customer we're happy to send them along to our friends down the street. I'll happily reccommend a variety of different stores, cafes and restaurants in the local area. A visitor to the Northern Quarter feels welcomed and looked after. I remember a stray Londoner amazed that I would take the time to give him detailled diections - I even drew a map!

When you're used to shopping 'on the high street' somewhere like the Northern Quarter with its independent stores and quirky shops is a real revelation - try it you might like it!

see the article larger on the Manchester Evening News Website...

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