Friday, 15 October 2010

Trees and Destiny

We've got two new designs in the shop today - they'll be online soon. They're both transfer designs that i (angie) created so here's a little lowdown on the design process behind each one.

The first design is one that I actually created a few weeks ago but we've had a few problems with printers and been busy with other things so it kind of got forgotten about. Its called Do you believe in Destiny and features and old photograph of Marilyn Monroe that I came across on the internet.

Photograph Detail

Text drawn in illustrator and filled with stars

Finished vest - we're also creating a t-shirt version - I'm going to have a 
grey oversize one with a cut down edge

The other design is called Trees and is from a photograph I took at the weekend:

It was taken from the car of a patch of trees around the corner from our house.

I cropped and added grain in photoshop

And then added the text - "Take me to where the trees are different"

And here's the finished t-shirt. 

And even though the trees are lovely it's at this time of year with the days growing shorter and colder that I wish I lived in a place where the trees are different - Australia!

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