Friday, 29 October 2010

Photoshopping Forever...

It seems like most of my life has been taken up by photoshop. I did a little shoot in the shop a few weeks ago and unfortunately the flash failed so I had to rely on the light in the building. Unfortunately strip lights give off a yellow cast so its been tricky to get a result I've been happy with.

This is an insight to the steps I've had to go through:

Stage 1: Straight from the camera

Stage 2: Use selection key to select background, use eyedropper to "pick up" suitable colour,
fill those areas.

Stage 3: Soften and blend background together with clone and blur tools

Stage 5: Reduce Vibrance

Stage 6: Reduce contrast and brighten

Stage 7: Colour correct and remove yellow

I love the finished results - but having to do this for 45 pictures and it drives you a bit crazy! Here's some more final images from that shoot....

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