Thursday, 13 May 2010

New Blog - A Day at the Office Part 1.

We don't really have an office as such so we generally do work on laptops where and when we can (usually either in the shop, at the studio or on the couch). Today it's nice and sunny so I'm at home in Blackpool working in the back garden on some new pattern designs and adding new stuff to the webshop. Working from home has it's benefits - you don't have to go anywhere, there is a constant supply of 'free' coffee and I get to play with the cats, however this sometime means you don't get as much done or just end up going for a bike ride!!!!. Tomorrow Angie will post her 'day at the office' from the shop, and I'll do another from the studio


  1. Your doing a great job, keep doing your thing, oh yeah and this new blog is so much cleaner, digg it.


  2. cheers, you just have to bear with us whilst we sort out the technical hitches!