Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The 1990's The Face

Here at Me&Yu we love magazines, and for both of us probably one of the most influential magazines was The Face (between us we have a complete collection from September 1991 till it closed in 2004). The first copy I bought was the iconic Summer of Love issue way back in 1990 (yes 1990) with the first pics of Kate Moss.
So anyway the 1990's are the hot decade for fashion this year and probably next, so look out for 90's inspired looks. The 90's have always been an influence at Me&Yu - we lived through them!!!! - we went to the warehouse parties, Happy Mondays gigs, the first rumblings of Grunge, Britpop. All these things shape the way we think about fashion/art/design, and the work we make. To celebrate our love of The Face we're working on a few Face inspired transfer t's/vests so look out for those.

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  1. LOVED the face, will most definitely be waiting in anticipation of one of these t-shirts! xx