Thursday, 20 May 2010

Me&Yu now sells vintage cameras.....

We couldn't resist these 80's / 90's camera's when we came across them. There's been a bit of a revival recently in 35mm film cameras, basically a whole generation of teenagers have grown up with the digital age, they're looking back at what was around before. 

There's something quite magical about a film camera - film is more precious, taking a photograph on film captures a single moment in time (with digital you take 10 and choose the best). This unique moment is saved for hours, weeks or months later until the film is developed. The results can be disapointing or a fabulous revalation, the 'mistakes' can be utilised for great artistic effect.

With digital, we take for granted the press of a button, the auto focus, the zoom, the light meter calculating unseen to create sharp, clear balanced pictures. But what if you don't want something accurate and precise - unless you can afford a big professional camera its hard to get different effects - you have to rely on your photoshop techniques to create the look you want. 

If you want to get back to basics and try 35mm film, Lomo and Holga camera's are available on the high street from £49 - £200  - but we've come up with a cheaper alternative - original 80's and 90's camera's £10 and £20 at Me&Yu. They're great condition, all working, tested and are ready to go!

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