Monday, 22 August 2011

Soul Surfing

Just thought we'd give you the lowdown on some of the new designs, the ideas behind them etc. I'll start today with the easiest one - Soul Surfing, this is the easiest one to describe the idea behind simply because we pretty much just saw the image and used it. We're big fans here of the Australian label PAM, one of the founders Mischa Hollenbach also does an occasional blog on hypebeast, where he blogs about interesting books, one of these posts featured the book Be Here Now by Ram Dass, and some illustrations from said book. We had also been thinking about doing an Ocean Pacific inspired beach/surf t-shirt and one of the illustrations (see below) seemed to fit that theme, and it is probably the most amazing and ridiculous image ever, so how could we not put it on a t-shirt.

We just added the soul text, scanned it in, made a screen and printed the t-shirt.!!!!!. To get that vintage OP look we hand bleached some indigo blue t-shirts to create a lovely acid wash style light pink t (this also means they are all unique too)

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