Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I Love Manchester

You may have seen this logo spread around town, seen our "Eye Love Manchester"
t-shirt  and heard us talk of Manchester Day.

So what's it all about???

I Love Manchester Day is this Friday 26th August and exists to show appreciation for the city - your city, and what you love about it. The idea for it came from the stong community spirit that prevailed after the riots, looting and criminal damage that hit the city centre a few weeks ago. The campaign gathered steam and the council and local businesses have joined forces to celebrate the city and what we love about it.

We all know about the riots, "That was ages ago," I hear you say. Well even though we were not directly affected, the lack of confidence in the high street has affected trade for business large and small. This combined with the general downturn means little business like us and our fellow Northern Quarter shops have been struggling a little bit more than usual. Manchester Day is about supporting all the independent businesses throughout the city that make Manchester one of the most exciting and diverse cities in the world. We're also fund raising for Forever Manchester and Reclaim - two great local charities. 

So this FRIDAY 26th AUGUST come to Afflecks and celebrate with us. 

There will be live music and competitions, poetry readings and celebrity appearances      throughout the building. So if you fancy a bit of celeb spotting, want somewhere to hang out with your mates and have fun - come to Afflecks. It's what we're here for!!!!

If you can't get to Manchester - enter our "I Love Manchester" Competition and you could win an amazing prize!!!

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