Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Handmade Shorts

Summer has made it’s usual stuttering start, a smattering of warm days in April and May got us all thinking we were in for a great summer, this was then followed by the usual rainy days and summer was on hold. However it seems as though it’s here now, the percentage of sunny to rainy days seems to have tipped in favour of summer, which leads me to the subject of mens summer fashion and most notably shorts.

I must have missed the meeting, but it seems that when it comes to mens shorts the baggier, brighter and more patterned the better. A typical mans wardrobe could be viewed as such (starting with long pants then shorts) – black, black, navy, black, dark brown, brown, light brown,  light brown, grey, grey, grey, YELLOW, FLOWERS, RED WITH SPOTS, CAMOUFLAGE, LOUD CHECKS, WHITE – can you guess where the shorts started!!.

Now I’m not one to discourage people from wearing bright or patterned clothing but it would seem sensible that if you wear dark tailored plain trousers to choose a corresponding short in the summer, if you want to wear bright, loud shorts then at least have the decency to wear the same style of long trousers once the sun has dissappeared. I think a sensible way to buy shorts is to imagine them as long trousers and ask yourself would you still wear them – if the answers no – put them back on the rail.

Anyway, we've just added some mens slouch shorts to our online store, these shorts were handmade in Manchester using a selection of vintage suiting fabrics and are currently limited to 1 pair of small in each different fabric (if you are interested in other size contact us). Click to view shorts


  1. i joined 'blogger' purely to follow you, i love your clothes and think 'MeandYu' website needs more recognition than it gets. keep up the good work, so i can keep buying! xxx