Monday, 4 July 2011

Fashion Writing????

Over the weekend as I was busy trying to make lots of mens shorts (which I have yet to finish) my mind wandered to thoughts of what effect fashion writing has on the fashion consumer. At Me&Yu we operate on a very visual level and have always worked on the basic assumption that great photographs sell fashion, but can interesting and creative writing be a major part of the appeal of a brand/garment. Whenever we add a new item to our online shop we spend a far greater amount of time getting the photograph right than the description (this is quite noticeable from alot of our descriptions).
Great fashion photographs work because they make the viewer/consumer imagine themselves wearing the garment and looking like the model - can words duplicate this sensation?, can a great description sell fashion?
Thats as far as my thoughts got!, but it has inspired me to try and improve our descriptions and also start to include more thoughtful/creative/interesting text in my blog posts, rather than - we've done this/buy this.
I'm currently writing a small piece on mens shorts, which should hopefully be ready at the same time I finish making the shorts - will it make people buy them - probably not.

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