Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pulling the Threads

The great thing about sharing studio space (we're based in an old mill with loads of artists/creative businesses) is that you get to see some great work by up and coming Manchester based artists.
One of the artists we share space with is Sarah Greaves who creates beautiful embroidered graffiti on objects - think doors/sinks - yeah its pretty amazing!!! I'm sure she even embroidered her foot once but I could have made that up.
Anyway Sarah is having her first solo show in a couple of weeks, so here's the info

Pulling the Threads - Embroidered Graffiti by Sarah Greaves
26 June - 3 September 2011
Central Art Gallery

In her debut solo show Sarah uses the traditional craft of embroidery to vandalise and graffiti everyday objects with emotive, political and thoughtful text. Fridges, doors, food and sinks become the canvases for hidden thoughts.

This unique exhibition pushes the tradition of embroidery and reframes the location and voice of the graffiti artist. The embroidered text is delicate, elegant and feminine while the process demands the use of masculine tools such as drills and clamps. Visceral, intangible thoughts become permanently graffitied onto these familiar domestic objects, suggesting a deeper relationship, touching on intimate and personal thoughts.

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