Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Cut Copy

We've probably said it before but we discovered Cut Copy purely by chance whilst living in Australia - all because the cover of their first single looked interesting - I guess this doesn't happen so much anymore with downloads. Anyway, their new album is out now, I'm currently on my first listen in the shop - but expect to hear it pretty much constantly over the next few days/weeks - if you want to check it out before you buy it call in!!!!.
They've also released a mini documentary about the making of the album/touring, I'm always fascinated by such films. I remember reading an interview with someone (can't remember who) who said that new technology has killed the mystique of the band, everybody records and shares all the aspects of making music/being creative that were hidden before. But I think it allows you more connection with a band, and means you feel a bigger part of what they do - anyway watch the docu (click on the you tube icon to see the other 3 parts)

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