Friday, 1 June 2012

Moving Forward

For the 6 or so years we have been working at this thing called Me&Yu, our goal has always been to be able to produce handmade as well as handprinted t-shirts at a reasonable price. In the past we have produced random small runs of handmade and handprinted t-shirts, but have never really had the sewing set-up to make it work properly -  you may not believe this but it takes 3 or 4 different machines to make a t-shirt properly.
So today is an important day for us as we've invested in some new machinery that will hopefully get us someway towards our dream of having a complete in-house t-shirt production facility, from printing fabric through to making up the final t-shirt.
Initially we will be producing limited edition runs of all over handprinted (and handmade) t-shirts, vests and slouch tops, whilst still retaining our range of £15 handprinted t-shirts, but with the final goal being to produce everything ourselves (this may take a couple more years!!).
Now I know that by law every blog post requires a photograph so here's a picture of one of the machines we have purchased, it's called a coverstitch and basically it is used to create the hem and sleeve hem of a t-shirt, because of the stretch of the fabric used in t-shirts the hems must be able to be stretched without breaking the stitch - that is all this is for!!!!!

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