Tuesday, 4 October 2011

International Firework Championships

Fireworks Displays aren't really something that you think of when you think about fashion.
But every year Blackpool plays host to the International Fireworks Championships and this year Angie from Me&Yu was chosen to be on the panel of judges at this fabulous event. The judges were selected from professionals in the tourism industry and the arts council so it was a real honour for us to be asked to take part.

The event ran for 4 consecutive Fridays throughout September, with 3 competing teams from different countries, finishing last Friday with a closing display from a UK Team.

The First Week we saw a great display from Canada:

Secondly was Germany,

And last was Australia...

Angie was asked to offer her professional opinion about the quality of the displays, choice of music, syncronization, colours and overall technical performance. It's been a great opportunity to learn a little bit about all that goes into preparing these great co-ordinated shows. The Australian team just had the edge over some of the other performances with a jaw dropping display that was just perfectly timed throughout.

For more information about this and other great events see the Visit Blackpool website.

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