Monday, 30 August 2010

New Things!!!!!!

We've been working on a few new designs this week.
The first is taken from an old photograph Angie took in Paris.

The second is the illustration - Tales of the Unexpected - Giant Swan versus Mandeer I posted on here earlier in the week. We've also done this on some handmade t-shirts (they've been cut out - we just need to sew them together next week!!)

This one is taken from a Jim Jarmusch quote I found somewhere - it's basically about original ideas and stealing them - so I just printed it straight as it was - it's definately a very interesting idea. Again we've done t's and sweats and a couple of lovely limited edition dark grey soft feel handmade t's (the fabric is almost like wool).

Finally a couple of weird transfer vests, I like to do these strange photo montages that generally involve weird faces so here's 2 new ones.

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